Major Penile Diseases Plaguing Men in the 21st Century

By | April 12, 2019

Penis health is very important to men. When something wrong happens with your penis like diseases infections, it can affect the overall health or cause barrenness. Therefore, it’s good to look at penis disease that may affect a man.



Peyronie’s disease is also called Bent penis is a condition whereby scarring or an abnormality appears on the penis. The Tunica Albuginea is the penis region which suffers from this scaring process.

This scar tissue always prevents the penis from increasing its size during an erection, hence causing a curvature deformity. The scar itself isn’t harmful to man’s health but affect sexual health. If the scar develops on top of your penis it causes the bending upward of the penis; In case it’s appears on the under part of the penis it causes the penis bending downward. If scar forms on both sides the penis is shortened.


The disease epithelioid hemangioma (EH) isn’t a typical, benign vascular tumor. It usually occurs in the head subcutaneous tissues and the distal portions, especially the digits. The disease generally occurs as a very tender nodule which slowly enlarges. Usually, it’s size ranges from 0.5 – 2.5 cm. The time between its first appearance and the excision is about 4.5 months.
Most cases this disease develops in the head since it’s the distribution region of all the superficial artery as well as the distal regions of the extremes.

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It’s a disorder where the immune system starts to attacks the blood vessels, thereby causing inflammation. Affected men experience flare-ups every time they come across pathogens which triggers the immune system to react. The disease isn’t contagious. Men having Behçet’s can enjoy regular intimacy; to help their partners understand the condition.

Behçet’s symptoms include recurring mouth ulcers and penis sores. Sometimes the inflammation of eyes, or blindness, may occur. Also, joint pain and joint swelling might appear.

  • Mondor’s Disease

Mondor’s disease in most cases occurs in the chest and breast, but it can also happen in the penis. It was named after a Parisian surgeon, Henri Mondor; the disease involves inflammation of the vein caused by a blood clot. It’s generally regarded as a benign by the physicians.

In case Mondor’s disease happens in the penis, swelling occurs near the vein surface in the penis. Normally, the swelling will occur in the major vein which runs on the top of the penis, although it may occur elsewhere – including the foreskin. The blisters are usually red and present themselves as a lump.

  1. Balanitis-It’s an inflammation or an infection at the penis head.
  2. Phimosis- It’s a condition whereby the penis foreskin becomes very tight such that it can’t be pulled back or forward the penis head.
  3. Priapism- It’s a persistent and very painful erection which lasting more than four hours.
  4. Paraphimosis- It occurs when the foreskin gets stuck just behind the head making it hard to return to its normal position. It requires immediate medical treatment to avoid serious complications.
  5. Penile cancer-It’s rare kind of cancer which originates from the penis skin cells.