Step By Step Approach For Doing Penis Enlargement Exercises

Jelqing is a common type of massaging technique that stretches the penis and helps in blood flow. This technique originated from the Middle East, but is now used by men all over the world. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best jelqing routines that have given the best results to men out there.

Labo Ethnik highly recommends you try a penis exercise known as jelqing.

Warm up:

Warm-up is a very important exercise when it comes to jelqing. You simply take a towel or a strap, soak it in hot water and apply around your penis. The reason for warming-up is to relax your penis and make it more flexible for stretching. After performing the warm-up for five to ten minutes, you’re now ready to start doing the basic stretching.


Stretching is quite simple. Much like a traditional gel, this will require some lubrication to keep friction down. First, rotate your hands so that your thumb is facing downwards then place it over the lower part of your shaft, tilting your hand to take pressure off the top side of your penis. While your hand is in this position, begin pulling up. You should feel your glands swell and blood begin to rush through your dorsal veins. Continue the stroke until you reach your glands and no further. Remember, we want to place the vast majority of the force on the corpus spongiosum and not the top side of the shaft. As you gain experience with the exercise, you will be able to go faster. Once you can successfully complete even a few minutes of a session, it will be a sign that you’re ready to fully transition over and that your arteries are developed enough to begin to benefit from the exercise.

Choking Motion

In this step, you will need a 75% erection because the goal is to get the maximum blood flow. With the chocking, what you do is grab the base of your penis and stop just below your glance. If you loose erection or if that erection subsides, you stop and you bring yourself again into a 75 to 80% erection. It’s also advisable to use a good lube. We recommend the coconut oil that will help you with the skin of your penis so that it doesn’t stretches more than it’s supposed to. This is very important for uncircumcised men because they have foreskin. If you’re practicing a lot of chocking, you may end up with a lot of foreskin, which doesn’t look good. Warm-down – When you finish the chocking motion that should take from twenty to twenty five minutes, you’re now ready to warm down. What you do is you take a hot shower that helps to relax and calm down your nerves. Immediately after completing the jelqing exercise, you can now massage your penis with a skin moisturizing lotion.


Asyou have seen, jelqing exercise is quite easy. You warm up, you perform the basic stretches from five to ten minutes including performance junking which should take 20 to 25 minutes and then you warm down. If you stick to that routine in three months, you will get your first gains.

Alternative Method – Penis Extenders

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